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I'm the designer of N.I.P. Wear and I am a not important person. But I enjoy my life. It is interesting and fun and I'm glad, I can live this way. I have my dreams and hopes and I can be however I choose to be. I don't have to worry about paparazzi sniping a picture, what the world thinks about my new haircut, how to keep my TV ratings up or what they write about me in the yellow press. I have friends, that spend their time with me, because they consider me fun to be with. They don't put up with me for the money or to be seen with me.

I like knowing who I am. I like being real and not what others expect me to be. I like to be true to myself.

To show all that, I designed these shirts. I'm like millions of others out there. Just another face in the crowd. And if you notice me, it is just because of me. There are no bodyguards, no entourage, no personal assistants and no paparazzi. There is just a proud person. Now, is being a N.I.P. really so bad?

If you feel the same way, these shirts might just be the right thing for you.